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and sorry: only this intro page is available in english. The other pages noted below are only available in german - but I think, most of them you will understand too.



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On the page wir (about us) you will find something about the members of the family.

FAMILIENFORSCHUNG or genealogie is one of our interests. Under the ancestors of our families you can find the names Kozuschek, Doktor, Siegel, Nowak, Gorny, Schmidtmann, Bokelmann, Podsiadlo  and I know there are (or were) members in Germany, France, Poland and the USA.
Also you will find here a list of all Gorny-websites I’ve found in the web.

Our Hobbys are Barbies® and similar dolls and the railway, especially the steamers: as modell, in museum and in reality. On that pages you will find pictures and links to other interesting sites (sometimes in english too). On the page “Bahnsite/Karte” you find a map of Germany with links to interesting museums and traffic.

You see, my english is not so good, but I am better in reading it. Therefore,  you are welcome to send me an e-mail: ernst-dieter@gornyonline.de

Thank you for visiting.                                                      


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